Jack Layton Memorial

Before the photos, I just want to say that its been a while. Busy with work and life in general. Some great news though, I got my workhorse lens back, the 24-70 2.8. I missed this lens quite a bit. Here are the photos.

People gave their farewells to Jack by writing on the walls and floors of Nathan-Phillips Sq by city hall. There were writings all over the place. People gave him plenty of love.

A very thoughtful gesture. People left chalk in buckets so that anyone who wished to bid Jack farewell could easily do so.

People also wrote on the concrete catwalk above the square. Floor and wall space was running out on the main level.

An individual writes on a wall while standing on top of one of the large flower pots.

A man looks over the ledge and observes the people writing. Later on, he too picks up a piece of chalk and bids Jack farewell.

On a different note, the next photos are some that I took while on the way to the square.



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