Yonge and Dundas Sq

This is an area frequented by both locals and tourists. Tourists come for the sights, the “time-square” eque feel (though not as grand), Eaton’s Centre Mall, and many other things. For the locals, it’s just a major intersection; AMC theatre nearby, Greyhound Bus terminal around the corner, as well as other things located near by. And well, it’s Yonge street. There’s also a few events/festivals held in this area.  Here are a few photos of an afternoon spent in the square.

Children playing by the floor fountains on the Square. Some remain dry, some jump right on the spewing water.


A pair of tourists, one posing one taking the photo. To each their own on the poses.



Everywhere you look in Y & D sq, people are taking photos. Some of them make for great subjects.







Man on the run. Looked like he just came from the financial district, which is just 2 blocks south and one block west of the square.


After the quarrel. This couple seemed like they were arguing. Though gladly, they hugged and made up afterwards.


A man plays with his phone while riding the TTC street trains.


Taken just half a block south of the square. A man converses with another man who was taking a nap right on the sidewalk.

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